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Management at scale made easy, secure and unified

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The ultimate management hub


Supports all major methodologies and frameworks

Manage initiatives of any scale and any agile, classic or hybrid methodology. Create portfolios of initiatives in different frameworks. Monitor execution of all initiatives in one place, utilizing dozens of predefined initiative templates or designing your own.


All aspects of management covered

Manage even the most complex initiatives and teams with ease using BigPicture Enterprise. With a complete set of powerful modules gain immediate insights into any dimension of management at any granularity or detail level.


In-sync with your existing tools and ready for more

BigPicture Enterprise integrates seamlessly with leading task management tools, allowing third-party applications to fuel it with real-time data. With full control over tasks stored in those tools, managers can ensure a smooth implementation while teams continue using their preferred apps.


Boundless flexibility at hand


Unlimited initiative templates

With BigPicture Enterprise, you can easily configure any agile, classic or hybrid initiative using our pre-defined templates or by creating and multiplying your own – as many as you want. We call those templates “Box types”.


Endless what-if scenarios

Create and compare unlimited initiative scenarios for task sequences and resource allocation with ease using BigPicture Enterprise.


Custom in-app terminology

Customize the language of your management system with BigPicture Enterprise by renaming the system modules to align with your organization’s unique jargon and terminology.


SAFe ready

BigPicture is a certified Scaled Agile Partner Platform. We understand what it takes to effectively implement and cultivate agility at scale.
BigPicture Enterprise comes equipped with SAFe ART templates (Box types) and modules compliant with the requirements of SAFe.

Security & compliance by design

GDPR – data residency under control

With BigPicture Enterprise, your organization keeps full control over where all the management – often sensitive – data resides. Even in the Cloud hosting model.

BigPicture Enterprise for Cloud gives users the freedom to choose the location of the AWS data center to host their instance of the system.

Atlassian Cloud Certificate

BigPicture Enterprise meets the criteria of the Cloud Fortified apps program. The app offers additional security, reliability and support through Cloud security participation, reliability check and 24hr support response time.

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