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Your whole portfolio in one picture

Map and manage your entire portfolio of initiatives. Visualize portfolios consisting of undertakings conducted in agile, hybrid, and classic methodologies. Make portfolio-level decisions in a standardized way, no matter how diversified execution and delivery in your organization are.

  • Create new or edit existing initiatives (agile, hybrid, or classic)
  • Track progress of initiatives in a standardized way
  • Track time spent on initiatives in relation to original estimates
  • Visualize high-level data featuring initiatives in the form of a hierarchical tree, a Gantt-like timeline, or a Kanban board

TO-DOs go big

Define what needs to be done and track progress in real-time. Build and manage comprehensive TO-DO lists and hierarchies – task structures, agile backlogs, and more. Monitor execution by tracking key item-specific indicators.

  • Create and edit comprehensive lists and hierarchies of tasks or backlog items
  • Track key task/item-related indicators
  • Filter tasks/items with Quick Filters
  • Export to file using BigTemplate

Agile finally predictable

Bring more predictability to your agile management. Plan work in timeboxes relevant to your methodology and organization. Visualize even the most complex dependency networks. Accurately tell delivery dates and update estimates automatically following actual execution.

  • Effectively plan work in agile methodologies (i.e. iterations and Program Increments)
  • Enjoy full compliance with SAFe 5.0
  • Figure out new feature delivery dates with outstanding accuracy
  • Neatly visualize dependencies between various tasks, teams, and resources

Timelines reimagined

Craft clear, informative timeline charts for initiatives at all granularity levels – from high-level roadmaps to day-to-day work schedules. Easily define milestones, dependencies, and critical paths. Create various what-if scenarios to find the most effective ways to deliver results.

  • Visualize tasks on clear, informative Gantt charts
  • Easily develop high-level roadmaps as well as detailed schedules
  • Visualize dependencies between tasks
  • Set milestones and create various “what-if” realization scenarios

Simple value stream modeling

Clearly define and keep in sight what you and your teams pursue. Watch live how the ongoing initiatives and completion of scheduled tasks contribute to the realization of strategic objectives.

  • Define objectives for teams (value to be brought)
  • Visualize and monitor execution of high-level agile initiatives at scale
  • Focus on forecasts and commitments
  • Monitor and manage the lifecycle of objectives

Flexible calendar with management superpowers

Add, filter, and search tasks right in the Calendar view. Schedule and reschedule work by a simple drag & drop, and get all the changes shared live with your teams.

  • Visualize your initiatives on a neat calendar grid
  • Create new tasks and subtasks right in the calendar
  • Track workload with color-coded heatmaps
  • Adjust the grid to your individual preferences

Effort-based planning

Compose teams suitable for your organization’s goals to conduct accurate effort-based planning.

  • Link Teams with Jira boards
  • Share resources across different Teams in the same time period
  • Create Global Teams and assign them to multiple initiatives
  • Set the availability of each team member

Balanced workload allocation for maximum efficiency

Say goodbye to under and overallocation. Monitor and manage distribution of workload among teams, individuals and skills. Effectively prevent burnout and get things done.

  • Manage people, teams, and skills at both initiative and portfolio levels
  • Distribute team and individual assignments
  • Smartly allocate skills
  • Track and optimize performance

All risk factors analyzed and visualized

Create clear, informative risk matrices for all your initiatives. Define threats and effectively balance their occurrence probability and consequence severity to make truly informed decisions.

  • View your risks on the heat map
  • Display any issue types you wish to be included
  • Customize risk cards
  • Search, filter and export

Corporate reporting in no time

In a blink of an eye compose neat, informative reports at all granularity levels. Keep them automatically updated in the system or use BigTemplate to export them to your preferred file formats. Boost your project management processes with available reports, like:

  • Task report
  • Dependency and Team dependencies
  • Risk matrix
  • Velocity and Plan delays

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What our clients say

We have had the most valuable experience! It’s the only platform that helps to fulfill our needs in terms of working together on the same project, organizing tasks, date, calendars, descriptions, and implementing SCRUM all in one place. The best collaborative platform have found so far.
Javier Medina
Project Manager at Grupo Vision
We’ve started to use BigGantt tool from the BigPicture stack because we were searching for a solution that will help us to see the whole issue’s picture from a different angle. This tool is allowing us to view more granularly the whole set of issues (user stories, tasks, subtasks, bugs) placed on a common timeline which is helping us a lot to reach our goals.
Lyuben Yurukov
Project Manager at 1ForFit
BigPicture is a toolbox that misses nothing. The possibility to map waterfall and agile project methods with the same tool makes it unique. The Gantt chart and Resource management are second to none.
Stephan Hannach
Independent Atlassian Consultant & Trainer in Germany

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