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Bq makes smartphones and 3D printers with BigPicture
Jul 21

Bq makes smartphones and 3D printers with BigPicture

Bq is a Spanish producer of smartphones, tablets, electronic readers, 3D printers, and robotics kits. The company started with USB memories, but over the years, it became a successful brand in other sectors. Bq’s objective is to bring technology closer to everyone. They want to not just create, but share it. The company recently helped launch Ubuntu on mobile, and is ranked in the top five best 3D printers in the world. It is their 3D printing department that recently reached out to us for a Project Management tool for JIRA.

 FireShot Screen Capture #158 - '3D Printer BQ Hephestos 2 I BQ' - www_bq_com_uk_hephestos-2

Bq uses Jira for a long time to have control of all the tasks of the employees. It is a mission-critical system to the company. Managers must control the timings of tasks. Before BigPicture, they were using other Gantt tools, but this involved too many manual operations and errors.

FireShot Screen Capture #160 - 'BQ Printbot Evolution I BQ' - www_bq_com_uk_printbot-evolution

BigPicture is used to monitor all the projects in a single tool. The managers can see the planning of technical departments – and others, like marketing or design, too! They are making a new 3D product and the Gantt module is very important for them. Each user can set milestones or move tasks. They color them according to departments and use different JIRA filters to create the perfect overview.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAULAAAAJDRlNDUzNGRiLTMxNzAtNGJhMi04NGEwLTIyOTNmMjA2OTY3NgIn our company, we use JIRA and with BigPicture daily, and we can join Gantt Diagram with all issues in JIRA. It’s perfect for the managers who want to have all information integrated. For now I’m using it actively since the beginning of the project. I will be using BigPicture when starting new projects.

Macarena González, 3D Product Manager at Bq

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