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Dec 23

We are changing for you – SoftwarePlant is now BigPicture! 

We are replacing the SoftwarePlant brand with the all-new BigPicture commercial brand derived from our flagship application BigPicture – the leading Portfolio, Product, and Project Management system for Jira. The ongoing transformation covers all the applications from Appfire’s PPM category – BigPicture, BigPicture Enterprise, BigGantt, and BigTemplate. Read on to learn what’s changing. 

We are changing for you! As we constantly work to make all the apps from the BigPicture suite more functional, reliable, secure, and user friendly, we are also investing in adapting our brand to the fluid business landscape, where ever-increasing customer needs and expectations are paramount. Our ambition is not only to meet them but also to continuously raise the bar for the whole PPM industry, especially in the Atlassian ecosystem. Therefore, we are thrilled to present our new BigPicture brand identity, style, and portfolio structure – redesigned to more accurately reflect those ambitions and our desire to re-humanize the world of management through technology.

Dimensions of change

Although new logotypes, colors, and styling are the most visible elements of the brand transformation, we believe that those are just a visual representation of the ongoing change in our minds and hearts. We have defined three dimensions in which the process is being conducted: Mindset, Visual Identity, and Structure of Product Brands. Here’s what we do in all those aspects to bring our customers more value.


Since the foundation of SoftwarePlant back in 2015 by Tom Kucharski and Mike Niwinski, we have always been focused on delivering products that help our customers do their management work more effectively and efficiently, so they gain more room for soft aspects of the job, such as helping their team members achieve their career goals, solving conflicts, and fostering continuous improvement. Under the BigPicture name, we aim to follow this path further apart from being customer-focused, we are becoming customer-obsessed. 

As part of the Appfire family, where understanding the customer is at the very core of the business, we are investing more time, effort, and other resources than ever in customer research, establishing and nurturing long-lasting relationships with people who use our apps in their everyday professional lives, and converting their feedback into features, enhancements, and improvements that create real value for them. Put simply, we are moving from developing great apps that solve customer problems to solving customer problems by developing great apps. This seemingly subtle change means a world to us! We hope that all the users of our apps will see the positive impact of this change really soon.

Visual Identity

It is the most apparent and immediate dimension of the ongoing change. Months of experiments, testing, benchmarking and analyzing our well-established set of logotypes resulted in the creation of a brand new collection of trademarks. The new logotypes are clear, consistent in style, and more informative than their predecessors. Although there is no accounting for taste, we hope that you enjoy the new flavor of BigPicture.

Structure of Product Brands

The decision to replace the well-established corporate brand with a new brand derived from our flagship product was somewhat controversial and thus not an easy one to make. However, after analyzing all the pros and cons, in light of our long-term strategy, we elected to go that way. In fact, this decision – made long before joining the Appfire family – turned out to be a perfect fit into Appfire’s brand strategy, which made us feel more comfortable about the change.

For quite some time, we have been talking about BigPicture expanding beyond the Atlassian ecosystem to, at some point, become available as a standalone SaaS – BigPicture ONE. We view the portfolio of applications for Jira – the BigPicture suite – as an effective way to provide Jira users with the BigPicture ONE values before the standalone system sees the light of the day. In other words, the BigPicture suite is how we deliver the values of BigPicture ONE at this point.

Summary of trademark changes:

SoftwarePlant (corporate brand) is now Appfire

One of the best benefits of being part of the Appfire family is that a very strong corporate brand, with outstanding culture and solid values, stands behind us fuelling our further growth and helping our team to thrive. We are proud of that and want it to be evident for our customers, partners, and candidates.

SoftwarePlant (app vendor) is now BigPicture (suite of apps / team), under the domain

When talking about all the apps developed by SoftwarePlant together, we refer to them as the BigPicture suite. When talking about the SoftwarePlant team – the people behind those apps, we refer to them as the BigPicture Team.

BigPicture – Project Management & PPM (Jira app) is offered under new trademark 

Our flagship app for Jira – BigPicture – is now offered under a new logotype.

BigPicture Enterprise (Jira app) is offered under new trademark

The premium extension to BigPicture – BigPicture Enterprise – is now offered under new logotype.

BigGantt (Jira app) is offered under new trademark, green is the color of our lightweight apps

One of our bestsellers – BigGantt – the powerful timeline and roadmapping app for Jira is now offered under a new logo. Besides, color green is now reserved for lightweight management apps from the BigPicture suite. If we ever release a new lightweight management app, it will have a green logo. 


BigTemplate (Jira app) is offered under new trademark

The handy import/export app BigTemplate is now offered under a new logotype.

Website domains, URLs, and emails

The ongoing transformation implied the need to update our online presence and communication channels. We have updated our website URLs (except for service domains) and email domains. However, the structure of all those links and email addresses remains the same. It means that users can access pages directly by typing in their browsers relevant URLs with the part replaced with, as well as send emails to our new addresses just by replacing the with Service URLs, such as those associated with our Support Center and Documentation for the time being remain under the domain. We plan to update them later with appropriate prior notice.  

If you have any SoftwarePlant website URLs saved in your browser or any of our email addresses in your contact directory – don’t worry – the domain remains active in both contexts. In the former case, you will be automatically redirected to the relevant page in the domain and in the latter – we will still receive all the emails sent to our addresses.   

Nonetheless, we highly encourage you to use our new domains whenever possible. Besides, you can reach out to individuals from our team using their personal work email addresses under the domain.

We’d love to hear from you!

We are changing for you and thus would love to hear from you as often as possible. Our whole team would be more than happy to get your feedback on everything we do as we firmly believe that’s the most effective and honest way to develop, promote, and constantly improve how we help our customers meet their professional challenges and achieve goals. 

Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the rebranding, please feel free to contact us at

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