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Apr 11

SoftwarePlant launches BigPicture Lab

Big Picture Lab Make your feedback matter with BigPicture Lab!

Customer feedback is king! Especially in the world of agile software development where MVPs are developed to become top-notch software solutions through the constant application of the ‘build-measure-learn’ loop. And ‘measure’ is indeed the keyword here for as the saying has it: “what you measure, you improve”.

Agile at heart, SoftwarePlant has made the strategic decision to become better at becoming better! We are proud to announce the launch of a major customer feedback platform – BigPicture Lab designed to conduct extensive research on customer opinion and empower BigPicture users worldwide to influence the design of the products they use in their daily work!

Help us test the existing functionalities and develop new features! Join the Lab by completing a short questionnaire and take part in our research that will use usability testing, surveys, online workshops, and 1×1 interviews. For more information please see or contact us at

Join us now and let’s create a Bigger Picture together!


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An experienced marketing and PR manager and a holder of diplomas from Warsaw University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics and London School of PR. A true believer in continuous development through lifelong learning, she takes an active interest in the social psychology of business and leadership theories. At SoftwarePlant she's in charge of marketing and communications with partners and clients.