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Team lead Atlassian Day, Oct 20th, 2017, was like no other. Are you off to Teamlead’s future event in Moscow? Learn how to prepare for the event hosted by the most recognized Jira reseller in Russia.

Moscow metro station

Arbatskaya Moscow metro station sign. The Team lead Atlassian Day 10 2017 was actually held near Kurskaya station, in SREDA Loft, next to Arma Zavod. As this is not Teamlead’s headquarters (they are based in St. Petersburg), the future Atlassian Days 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 onwards may be located somewhere else.


Teamlead Atlassian Day presentation

You’d be better off with a Russian-speaking team member at the Teamlead Atlassian Day. Pictured here is Ruslan (Руслан), our presenter, who introduced SAFe and how our BigPicture JIRA addon may help.

Must-haves & knows

  • You absolutely positively need a Russian-speaking team member for the Team lead Atlassian Day. Guests from Russia outnumber the rest and the majority of presentations were delivered in Russian. So, not just to be able to deliver your presentation, but also to understand what’s going on, you need to have a translator. We did.
  • Many presentations at the Teamlead Atlassian Day were delivered from remote locations (through GoToMeeting on-line service); presumably from Western Europe and the U.S. and some of those were in English. We too will leave this option open for us for next year.
  • The event is not targeted at Atlassian Vendors. Instead it’s more like the convention of Atlassian User Groups
  • Bring roll-ups, stickers and leaflets and you’ll shine out. This was our case

We take the opportunity to advertise our BigPicture, BigGantt and other JIRA apps through this article ;)


How special is the Russian market?

For Jira and Atlassian Marketplace vendors, Russia is certainly an emerging market. The private sector is becoming more efficiency-driven, as is the case in the USA or Europe. The young generation is taking over senior managerial positions in Russia’s private sector. On-line solutions are being discovered.


Who uses Atlassian products in Russia?

First and foremost: IT industry.

Secondly: Russian banking sector. Raiffeisen Bank, Sberbank, Home Credit Bank, Otkrytiye, Uralsib

E-commerce, e-stores:, 220 Volt, Azbuka Vkusa

Mobile phone operators: Beeline, Megafon, Yota

Retailers: X5 Retail, Metro, 585 (jewellery)


Big names present at Teamlead Atlassian Day

  • Anton Kolin (Антон Колин) – Team lead’s CEO – genius, millionaire, playboy and philanthropist as he describes himself on Russian networking portal,
  • Vladimir Cavalcanti (Влад Кавальканти) – Partner Manager at Atlassian
  • Comalatech of Canada/Spain delivered an interesting presentation


Kremlin, smiling faces

Our team selfied in the vicinity of Kremlin. You could have met these men at the Teamlead Day.

Is Team Lead Atlassian Day FREE?

In 2017, the 10th edition of Teamlead Atlassian Day was free for all to attend. We had registered beforehand, though.


POS materials – how much you need?

We – an Atlassian Vendor – had just 25 booklets with us on the Day and we brought back home seven of them.

We conducted business talks with four potential clients.


The food

Four breaks were scheduled to try the delicious food on offer. The event was concluded with a brief beer party.


What Teamlead says on their Atlassian Day?

Our translation, original below:

Teamlead Atlassian Day (TAD) — our annual event, taking place in Russia’s cities. All who wish to share their knowledge and experience are welcome.

We will  leave 3-4 hours for socializing. The event will cover: new versions of Atlassian products, interesting case studies, questions and answers with humor, corporate gifts, music, juice, fruits, beer and sandwiches.

This is an opportunity to ask questions to the only Platinum Solution Partner in Russia. So we’ll appreciate contributions from the guests.

Teamlead Atlassian Day (TAD) — наше ежегодное мероприятие, проводимое нашей компанией в городах России. Мы приглашаем всех желающих обменяться новостями и опытом работы с продуктами компании Atlassian.

Формат мероприятия предполагает 3-4 часа свободного общения профессионалов и любителей JIRA, Confluence и Development Tools. В программе TAD — свежие новости о новых версиях продуктов Atlassian, презентации интересных решений и сценариев использования, свободное общение, вопросы, юмор, фирменные подарки, музыка, сок, фрукты, пиво и бутерброды.

Участникам конференции представляется отличная возможность задать интересующие вопросы экспертам Teamlead — единственного Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner в России. Также мы приветствуем выступления и презентации гостей. (…)



Teamlead Day. Presentation, audience

The rather cosy atmosphere of the 2017 Teamlead Atlassian Day attended by approximately 125 people. Had the event been held in Europe or the U.S., would there have been more guests?



Matryoshkas, Russian leaders

We went window-shopping for matryoshkas.


Arma Zavod

Location of Teamlead Atlassian Day 2017: SREDA loft in the Arma-Zavod complex near Kurskaya Metro station. Industrial, start-up atmosphere. Thumbs up!


Team Lead Atlassian Day interior. Arma Zavod in Moscow

We must admit that the interior design of Team Lead Atlassian Day 2017 deserved recognition.


Arbatskaya metro station

Don’t miss the Moscow metro! One of the world’s deepest metro systems is a sight in itself, especially the central stations such as the vintage Arbatskaya station (pictured).