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May 27

NG Poland Clash of the Titans tech battle at SoftwarePlant

Every year Angularians from all over the world come to Warsaw for the biggest Angular Conference in CEE – NG Poland. Top speakers from around the world share their knowledge and discuss the present and future of Angular and its ecosystem, TypeScript, tools, and much more.

Little trip down the memory lane: NG Poland Angular Product Hero Award and SoftwarePlant’s winning team back in 2017

SoftwarePlant has been the proud Platinum Sponsor of NG Poland since 2018. Last year, as developers of one of Poland’s biggest Angular projects, we were also asked to give a presentation at this event. We were happy to do it, especially as we organize an Angular training every Friday, as part of our internal tech guild meetings. 

But when it came to presenting at NG Poland, we couldn’t simply choose a speaker and the topic during a daily meeting – where’s the fun in that?? We’ve decided it’s time for some good old fashioned internal contest. 

Introducing the competitors 

After several discussions, two experienced contenders have emerged: Frontend Developer Kamil Gałek and Fullstack Developer Rafał Sosnowski.

They’ve been asked to prepare a short, five-minute speech on what topic they would like to present at NG Poland and why they think it’s the best choice for this particular conference. We knew that whoever manages to convince the demanding SoftwarePlant team, will also be able to win the hearts of the NG Poland audience.

Clash of the titans

A couple of weeks before NG Poland, Rafał and Kamil had met on the big SoftwarePlant stage for the ultimate, heavy-featherweight tech battle.

Rafał’s idea for the presentation was to discuss how to obtain a clean, high-quality, and, above all, genuinely modular code by using Angular’s mechanisms.

Kamil chose a different approach. His concept was to present a few examples of techniques that will help developers make their code more logical and enjoyable to edit and develop.

The event was hosted by SoftwarePlant’s Frontend Developer Michał Piaskowski – highly valued among his colleagues not only for his programming skills but also for his exceptional comedy talent. You can watch the whole battle in Polish below:



And the Winner is

After the battle, each SoftwarePlanter could cast one vote for the presentation that they felt was the best fit for NG Poland. It was a very tight race, but as every highlander will tell you: there can be only one!

With only a couple of votes in favor, Kamil was declared the Winner of SoftwarePlant’s NG Poland Clash of the Titans Tech Battle

Kamil gave his presentation entitled You can find it in the docs at the 2019 NG Poland Conference in Warsaw, in front of over 800 people in the audience. His presentation was very well received, as many conference attendees approached him during breaks to discuss their own experience with Angular docs.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend the event, you can now watch Kamil’s presentation in English below:


And you can also check some photos from the 2019 NG Poland Conference below:

NG Poland 2020 conference is planned for 19 November 2020* and SoftwarePlant will once again be the Platinum Sponsor. Hope to see you there!

*Please note that the date and/or format of the event might change due to Covid-19 safety recommendations

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