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The German market for Agile and SAFe® is undergoing transformation. Only 2 years ago Tools4AgileTeams and catWorkX guests were immersed in “classic” project management. To our amazement at Tools4AgileTeams 2017 “Get to know SAFe®” roll-ups looked outdated. How was the //Seibert/Media event in Wiesbaden?

Tools4AgileTeams agenda

The Tools4AgileTeams 2017 agenda. SoftwarePlant’s presentation scheduled for 12:05.


Tools4AgileTeams by Seibert Media

Vibes of Tools4AgileTeams 2017 in Wiesbaden.

Tools4AgileTeams facts

  • organized by //Seibert/Media software company in the heart of their home Wiesbaden
  • the 2017 edition took place on:
    • 30.11 – Agile@Night at //Seibert/Media home office
    • 1.12 – all the presentations at the nearby Hessen Chamber of Commerce (IHK Wiesbaden)
  • Continental (the tyre company) expressed interest in BigPicture
  • German banking sector is noticing SAFe® ;)
  • despite the misleading name Tools4AgileTeams ‘2017 was not focused on tools. Instead “How I succeeded and/or failed implementing SAFe®” kind of presentation dominated the event

Therefore we’re looking forward to “Compare SAFe® tools” presentation at future Tools4AgileTeams. For now we take the opportunity to advertise our BigPicture, BigGantt and other JIRA apps through this article ;)


About //Seibert/Media

Established in 1996 as an Internet provider, //Seibert/Media has grown to Agile software development and consulting company with 150 employees. Noteworthy is their headquarters in Wiesbaden Mitte located above the shopping mall, so you have to cross some odd boutiques to reach Agile@Night (the first day of the event). Wiesbaden itself is a health resort town.


Tools4AgileTeams LCD SoftwarePlant

Welcome to SoftwarePlant’s presentation: SAFe® implementation using Jira and BigPicture.

Is Tools4AgileTeams FREE?

For exhibitors, like us, this was a paid event. Included in the price are:

  • 5 minutes for each vendor to presents them to the audience
  • option: 1-2 lectures with a marketing opportunity
  • talk to Seibert Media founding family and managers


How to get more leads at Tools4AgileTeams?

From the vendor’s booth perspective:

  • speak German
  • equip yourself with a mobile booth as the event is spread over several rooms and they occasionally become deserted
  • brace yourself for “What is Jira?” questions
  • customize your offer, such as our Jira training Germany



We were impressed by a leap forward by German baristas.




Tools 4 Agile Teams 2017 program

In spite of this elaborate Tools4AgileTeams agenda, our first presentation was somehow omitted here.


Tools4Agile teams vendor stand, booth

With our commercial drive we expected to see more traffic at our stand. We discussed some reasons above. So we took this opportunity to respond to BigPicture users’ issues and requests.


Atlassian vendors present at Tools4AgileTeams 2017