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Tailored, high-quality training

BigPicture is a comprehensive tool offering substantial functionality and the best way for teams to optimally utilize its potential is via professional training from an accredited BigPicture training provider. Here’s your chance to enable and upskill your team to boost their overall effectiveness and productivity by working with a Certified BigPicture Solution Partner.

Full-fledged generic training, modularized one, or a fully customized solution? A Solution Partner can help you weigh the various options and choose the one that fits best. Through training and guidance you will fully understand the ins and outs of BigPicture, learn how to fine-tune your instance to your individual needs, capture actionable best practices and set off to use the tool in a targeted manner to attain better business results.

Training materials

BigPicture training is conducted in a preconfigured Jira environment with realistic example data with the use of high-quality training material, including a BigPicture ExerciseBook for hands-on in-tool practice, to ensure optimum learning curve. Depending on your needs the course can focus on understanding the basics of BigPicture or the most advanced features in the context of managing real projects and tool administration. BigPicture training provides relevant use-cases and actionable best practices.

Each training course is prepared individually to make sure your training is relevant and beneficial to your company’s unique requirements.

Example Training Presentation
Example training agenda

Day 1


  • The building blocks of BigPicture
  • Best practices for navigating the BigPicture UI
  • Getting comfortable with Programs
  • Workshop tasks

Data visualization

  • Fundamentals of BigPicture Gantt
  • Getting the most out of Gantt functionalities
  • Real-time synchronization between BigPicture and Jira
  • Becoming a master of Gantt
  • Workshop tasks

Resource management

  • Clear overview of a Resources workload
  • Allocation constraints in Resources
  • Optimizing and managing Resources
  • Workshop tasks

Day 2

Working with Agile

  • BigPicture Roadmap fundamentals
  • Using Roadmap to scale Agile
  • Synergy between BigPicture and Jira Software
  • Configuring BigPicture for Agile processes
  • Workshop tasks

Project tracking

  • Project management with Gantt
  • Gantt’s multi-platform compatibility
  • Effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Unveiling the project management features of BigPicture
  • Workshop tasks

Portfolio overview

  • Portfolio view in BigPicture
  • Managing Portfolio-level risk
  • Resource allocation with Portfolio insight
  • Configuring BigPicture for Portfolio overview
  • Workshop tasks

Advanced administration

  • Grooming of existing Programs
  • Troubleshooting BigPicture’s interface
  • How to be a happy BigPicture administrator
  • Workshop tasks
Questions & Answers

Who is this training for?
BigPicture training can come in various shapes and sizes and can be tailored to cater to the needs of various users, including Project Managers, Product Managers, Team Leads, Portfolio Managers, Directors of the PMO, or in-house Jira Admins.

Is there a recommended number of participants?
We recommend groups of up to 12 people. But this is not a rule set in stone. Surcharges may apply for larger groups as additional resources may be required. Customized training sessions are also possible for smaller groups as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. Whatever works for your team!

Is this more Jira or BigPicture training?
Our courses are intended to focus on BigPicture, a Jira app. But all trainers we cooperate with are experienced in working with Jira, some are Certified Jira Administrators, and will happily answer any Jira-related questions.

How early should I schedule training?
We recommend that you fill out our training questionnaire or contact at least three weeks in advance of your preferred training date to confirm the availability of trainers.

How should I prepare for BigPicture training?
You may well be new to BigPicture—the majority of our trainees are. If this is the case, we recommend you spend an hour clicking around and playing with BigPicture before you take the training. It’s available as a 30-day free trial or via our online BigPicture Demo App.

Who has attended in the past?
From SMEs to giants, you’ll be in the company of Sony, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Allianz, Wirecard, and many more. Please see some of the testimonials below.

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