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Dec 05

WarsawJS: Meetups & Workshops. Wish to join?

Fell in love with JavaScript? Living in Warsaw? Get to know Warsaw’s most renowned series of JS events. From SoftwarePlant, a sponsor of WarsawJS (Workshop#15)…

WarsawJS workshop

WarsawJS falls into two categories: meetups and workshops. Pictured is the first of a series of workshops. They take place in heritage interiors of Google’s Campus Warsaw in Old Praga.

WarsawJS in a nutshell

  • JavaScript focused event
  • takes place in Warsaw, Poland from fall 2014
  • periodic:
    • workshops, Sundays, once a month, last 8,5 hours. Learn more
    • meetups, Wednesdays, once a month, 3 hours, late afternoon, more of a lecturer-to-audience style. Learn more
  • in Polish
  • food provided by sponsors
  • roughly 3k members as of 2017; to become a member, check WarsawJS Meetup
  • a few possible locations across Warsaw, listed below
  • Big names: Piotr Kowalski, Katarzyna Grabowska, Piotr Zientara

WarsawJS workshops

WarsawJS workshop diplomas

You’ll get a certificate after the workshop.

  • Sundays, once a month
  • 8,5 hours; 10am to 6:30pm
  • hands-on coding
  • bring your own laptop. Check the workshop’s agenda on what to pre-install
  • sample topics: Vue.js, Vuex, React.js, RxJS, Node.js, Meteor, Angular, JavaScript
  • a single framework per workshop
  • ~50 participants
  • programmers split into groups of up to 10 people. Beginners / intermediate / advanced
  • land a Warsaw-based JS job
  • 25 pln entrance fee. Tickets sell out early. They become available 6 days before the workshop
  • Locations:
    • Campus Warsaw, ul. Ząbkowska 33C, Stara Praga
    • HubHub, ul. Postępu 14, Służewiec, Mordor, Warszawa
  • Some of the workshops we sponsored:
WarsawJS workshop 18

WarsawJS workshop #18: Javascript for intermediate users. SoftwarePlant being a sponsor and recruiting.

WarsawJS meetups

  • more of a lecturer-to-audience model
  • Wednesday evenings, once a month
  • 3 hours, 6:30pm to 21:30pm
  • ~200 participants
  • free of charge
  • Locations:
    • The Place – Warsaw Spire, pl. Europejski 1, bliska Wola, Warszawa
    • Państwomiasto, ul. Gen. Wł. Andersa 29, Warsaw (historical)


WarsawJS Slack

After purchasing the ticket for the WarsawJS workshop, you’ll be e-mailed an invitation to Slack, the IT industry messenger. You’ll use Slack for ordering lunch during the workshop. Check


WarsawJS YouTube

As opposed to workshops, there is no need to be physically present at the Meetups. You may watch all of them on WarsawJS Youtube channel.


WarsawJS photos

Campus Warsaw neon

A neon of Google’s Campus Warsaw in Stara Praga. It makes a haven of the WarsawJS workshops.



Workshop #1: JavaScript for beginners.


WarsawJS sponsor table

SoftwarePlant sponsors the WarsawJS workshops (e.g. Workshop #15: JavaScript for beginners). Are you ready for a job interview?


JavaScript for intermediate workshop

Workshop #2: JS for intermediate developers.


Before November 2016

Note that in autumn 2016 naming changed. Until October 2016 the event was called WarsawJS. And numbered #1, #2, … up to #26. They occured once a month. Around 10-11.2016 meetups and workshops were born. They inaugurated with WarsawJS Meetup #27 and Workshop #1.

So, the contemporary WarsawJS gathers the JS crowd twice a month.


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